2008 Dolphins Depth Chart - UPDATED 12/02/08 At 6:40PM ET

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    Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, attached to this thread, you can download a Depth Chart in PDF format for the 2008 Miami Dolphins. Now that preseason is over and the roster has been cut to 53, this is the official depth chart(as of date posted) for the 2008 Miami Dolphins.

    As players are added/released/numbers changed, etc. this Depth Chart will be updated to reflect these changes. Hopefully this will be a nice guide for the fans to see where we actually stand position wise that just a roster list really can't show.

    Since changes to the depth chart can change on a daily basis and from practice to practice, it is possible the depth chart could be updated more than once during the course of any given day. Since that is the case, in addition to giving the date that it was updated, I will also include the time in Eastern Standard Time that it was updated.

    Please enjoy!

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