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    I hope not to bore you with my very own Q & A session of redundancy
    but i think last year's first round pick and this year's should be
    considered the cornerstones and backbones of our future

    Franchise Setters

    i also think it's a mistake to view the picks separately , which is the reason
    i cringe nearly every time i look at a mock these days . . . do you really
    want to look back years from now and see that we followed-up
    tannehill with des trufant or xavier rhodes . . . . . really??!!!

    that's why each of these picks have to be 'build-around' players

    would you build your team around a CB . . . is his name deion . . . . uhuh


    "well trade up for a tackle" . . . . . hahahaha . . . . nope
    had one , didn't have to move a muscle to get him
    best tackle in the league too . . . didn't win jack

    granted , we didn't have a QB at the time but do you really want to
    look back years from now and see that we paired tannehill with
    derek fisher . . . . . . . . . . not shaq . . . . . . . . . . . fisher

    the only player i'd trade up for is dion jordan . . . . looks like a young JT to me
    love his game , love his makeup . . . . faced a lot of adversity growing up
    parents split up - - - - moms on drugs - - - burned 40% of his body
    was told he'd never play football again . . . love these type guys
    they have a different approach and appreciation that i trust


    you can definitely build your team around passrushers , but PFW calls
    this class a "Gamble on Greatness" . . . . . . tannehill had more starts
    than mingo , ansah and carridine and moore is said to be immature

    werner seems extremely solid , but lacks specialties

    how much better are these guys than okafor and montgomery


    would you build a team around a WR . . . what's his name ..... patterson

    how about a 5'7 175 pound joystick

    named tavon austin




    damnit gotta run . . . there's plenty more

    don't wanna lose this

    will finish later
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    Eh, we already added Mike Wallace and some more depth at WR. We added Keller as well. I agree with the sentiment that you want to do what you can to allow Tannehill to be the best he can be, but I think the weapons we have on the roster now are decent enough where this next first round pick isn't make or break for the franchise's future. Especially considering we have 4 picks in the next two rounds.
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    Because of the formatting, all I can picture in my head while reading the OP is Buffalo Bob sitting over a computer wearing a Dolphins cheerleader's skin
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    It puts the lotion on the skin. It hates the Jets. IT HATES THE JETS!!!!!

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