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    Reggie Bush-2 years, $10 million

    We need to be in the business of keeping good players, not letting them walk, at least not without suitable replacements in house. Fact of the matter is, the guy has averaged over 4 yards a carry and showed his explosive element while dealing with a ton of 8 man fronts. He is a threat in the passing game, even if we have underutilized him in that regard. He is one of the hardest workers in the league, and a good teammate.

    Anthony Fasano-3 years. $7.5 million

    Another guy who is underrated, despite his disdain with Dolphins fans. A #2 TE, he adds value in both his pass catching ability as well as run blocking. Can be our inline TE, and help run out of 2 TE sets. Good teammate.

    Jake Long-2 years, $18 million

    Negotiation is a great art. The fact of the matter is Jake Long's play has not met what has been expected of him. We are building something here in Miami, and he is a leader on this team. It is up to Long to decide if he wants to be here for that, and a 2 year contract offers both sides protection. Long gets to stay here, and we are not obligated to him long term were his play not to reach his old level. Letting him walk creates a major void on an already shaky offensive line, and I think we need to be maintaining stability.

    Sean Smith-4 years, $25 million

    Sean Smith has excelled going against bigger wideouts, namely Larry Fitzgerald and AJ Green in consecutive weeks. He struggles with smaller, quicker wideouts, which given his height, should not be that big of a surprise. This contract keeps a player who I feel the arrow is still pointing up, and more time working within Kevin Coyle's system should help that as well. One thing lost in this year has been the injury to Richard Marshall, who when he returns healthy, helps solidify the CB depth on this team. Our lack of pass rush is as much to do with our suspect secondary play as much as the perceived lack of talent is.

    Chris Clemons-3 years, $7 million

    Clemons is never going to be considered a stud, or a playmaker. However, he is really solid, good on Special Teams, and another player whose arrow is still pointing upward. One thing that should be noticed with this defense is we haven't given up a ton of plays behind the secondary, which is a testament to good safety play.


    Brian Hartline-Truth be told, he has been a good player for this team. But much like a bad NBA team, where someone has to score the points and get rebounds, Hartline has benefited from the lack of pass catching talent on this roster. I think he has outplayed his actual value, and simply I am not overpaying for Hartline. The conventional wisdom of many Miami fans is he is a great #2, however, I disagree. In today's pass happy NFL, both the #1 and #2 have to make plays, namely score touchdowns.

    Randy Starks-One of the top 10 players on our team. Unfortunately, next year will be his 10th in the league, and I can't commit the money to him if I want to add playmakers to this team. Also, Jared Odrick can have much of the same impact moving inside beside Soliai, allowing us to put a better passrushing option on the edge. Starks is the toughest decision to make, but we have to think big picture.

    Matt Moore-Simply put, Matt Moore has earned a chance to be a starter somewhere in this league, and with Ryan Tannehill firmly entrenched as the guy here, it is only fair to Moore to let him take his talents somewhere else. The Cardinals and Chiefs would have gladly welcomed this guy into the fold this year, and he will get a legit shot to play somewhere next year.


    Richie Incognito-Square peg, round hole in a ZBS. Too much of a hothead for this regime. Has to go

    Jorvorskie Lane-If not for the Mike Sherman connection, this guy would not have ever sniffed an NFL field this season. A good story, but if I am having someone line up at FB, he has to be better in his lead blocking, as well as be a more suitable option out of the backfield.

    Acquire via trade:

    Colt McCoy-I would offer the Browns my 6th round pick, and go as high as my 5th round pick for McCoy. Letting Moore walk creates a big void at the backup spot, and as much as Devlin may be a teacher's pet of Philbin's, I am not comfortable with him being one play away from being on the field. McCoy has game experience, a high football intelligence, is a great teammate, and has similar athletic abilities to run many of the same bootleg plays we run in this offense. Depending on his fit here, how he responds to the new scenery, I resign him before he hits FA in 2014.

    Free Agency:

    Mike Wallace-5 years, $55 million

    Our offense has accurately been described as a red zone offense for 100 yards. Bowe and Jennings offer some good qualities, but Wallace's ability to get deep, and dictate to coverage, opens up EVERYTHING else we want this offense to have. To me, this is a no-brainer.

    James Casey-4 years, $12 million

    Casey is a poor man's Aaron Hernandez, and immediately upgrades our passing game. He catches everything thrown anywhere near him. The Texans have used him everywhere in the formation. He can lead block out of the I-formation in the run game. He can block inline in 2 TE sets. He can line up in the slot, or out wide. This is the kind of matchup player every team in the league should be trying to acquire.

    Larry Grant-3 years, $4.5 million

    Grant has been a key reserve player for the 49ers, and when called into duty because of injuries, has performed exceptionally well. He is good on Special Teams. Our LB depth is severely lacking, and this guy is an immediate upgrade.

    Rashad Johnson-3 years, $4 million

    A young player, who provides us with some depth at the S spot. A pretty good hitter, he can give us a role on Special Teams as well.

    NFL Draft:

    Round 1: Dion Jordan-The kind of hybrid athlete defenses need against these high powered offenses. Oregon has used him with his hand in the dirt, lined up at LB, and covering receivers in the slot. For a man of his size, his athleticism is off the charts. Bjoern Werner will not be here for us in round 1, but this is a guy I would love to bookend with Cameron Wake.

    Round 2: Stedman Bailey- Anyone who has seen Bailey knows this guy is a killer, a straight up baller. With Wallace making defenses pay extra attention to him, Bailey and Davone Bess can wreak havoc in the short and intermediate game. Bailey's swagger is something this offensive huddle is in severe need of. I see a stronger, more attacking Victor Cruz in Bailey, and this is something we should COVET.

    Round 2: Dallas Thomas-For a guy who is 6'5, Thomas has a really good anchor, and great footwork and flexibility. I think he can step in at LG from day 1, and given his experience at T, could play there if we were in a pinch. Not a sexy pick, but one that fills a need. Putting him beside Pouncey really gives up some athleticism up front.

    Round 3: Margus Hunt-Maybe a pipe dream that he will be here once he tests through the roof at the combine, I would love to add him to the rotation on the defensive line. Simply put, he is an animal, and a fine mold of clay to work with. His value in blocking kicks alone is worth the time and development the first year or 2 refining his skillset.

    Round 3: Phillip Thomas-This guy is a ballhawk, a true playmaker. Resigning Clemons and drafting Thomas gives us a chance to use 3 Safeties at a time, much like the Giants do. This would allow Reshad Jones to be an even bigger factor in the run game.

    Round 4: Theo Riddick-This guy's versatility is amazing. He is a weapon, and is someone we can use in a multitude of ways. Can be a player in the return game while we carve out his niche within the offense. Plays much bigger than his 200 pound frame would suggest.

    Round 5: Traded for Colt McCoy

    Round 6: Dustin Hopkins-This kid can flat out kick the ball, and will make sure Dan Carpenter earns his salary by having to beat him out in camp next spring.

    Round 7: Marcus Lattimore- Simply taking a flyer on a kid. Chances are he might not even be available this late. If he is, however, I am taking a chance he can get back to near full strength.

    Round 7: BW Webb-Small school kid who can actually play. Adds depth to our secondary, and can be allowed time to acclimate his game to the big lights.

    All in all, my offseason is about adding speed, athleticism, and versatility to our football team. I think we are closer than most think we are. Mike Wallace, James Casey, Stedman Bailey. 3 players who immediately make life that much easier on Reggie Bush, Anthony Fasano, Charles Clay, and Davone Bess. More importantly, Ryan Tannehill.
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    18 would let a very good dt walk,a 1000 yd receiver and one of the most reliable back up qbs...but you would resign a no show Chris Clemons,regressing Jake long and although i can understand a slow fasano?? I'm split on smith.

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