bowl pickem dilemma

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports' started by 2413fanphins, Dec 31, 2012.

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    having a hard time with a few games for new years day in my college bowl pickem league that I am in...

    Thought I would try to get the pulse of finheaven on a couple of games in question... i am currently in third, 1 point out of first...

    I currently have michigan upsetting south carolina... but am wavering...

    the other game I am wavering on is, not for a week or so but is kent state vs arkansas state... two teams of which I know very little... I currently have an upset of kent state winning...

    what say you fellow finheaven peeps??

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    any chance clemson pulls one off against LSU tonight? I would think LSU will be okay, but I get the last minute jitters with this **** when I am close to being in first!

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