Cases For & Against for the 12th pick

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    I thought it would be good to have a list of people who may be available at the 12th pick and the arguments for or against them. Here goes:

    Lane Johnson - LT: PROs - Athletic. Need position. Big & Mean! CONs: Experience. Needs more Muscle

    Chance Warmack - OG: PROs - Big & Strong. Nimble Feet CONs: More of a Power Scheme G. Not too Tall. Too High for a G.

    Ziggy Ansah - DE: PROs - Great Size. Athletic. CONs - Age? Experience. Better fit in 3-4?

    Bjoern Werner - DE: PROs - Active, non-stop Motor. Good Instincts, Good Character. CONs - Better suited for LDE - Not Overly Athletic

    Tank Carradine - DE: PROs - Great Size, Long Arms. Quick off the Ball. Hardworking. CONs - 24 yr old Rookie coming off ACL Tear. 1 yr Starter (only after Jenkins injury). LDE?

    Xavier Rhodes - CB: PROs - Great Size. Very Athletic. 3 yr Starter. Upside. CONs - Deep CB Class. More of a Press Guy. May Need to Adjust to NFL Contact Rules.

    Jonathan Cooper - OG: PROs - Very Athletic. Pulls Well. PERFECT for Zone Blocking. CONs - Another Lineman in the 1st!? Kinda Short. Recent shoulder Surgery.

    Kenny Vaccaro - S: PROs - Prototypical Size. Instinctive. Able to Cover the Slot. CONs - 12th is High for a S. Maturity ?? Where Were the INTs?

    Tyler Eifert - TE: PROs - Good Size. Great Catch Radius. Soft Hands. Tracks Throws very Well. CONs - Needs to Work on Blocking. Too High for a TE? Can he Get RAC Yards?

    Kiki Mingo - DE: PROs - Athletic with Great First Step. A Lot of Upside. Good Character. Durable CONs - More of a 3-4 OLB? Still Raw. Unimpressive Overall Stats Past Season.

    Sheldon Richardson - DT: PROs - Passionate, Quick Twitch, Competitive, Could be Great. CONs - Maturity? Philbin Type Guy? DT not a Big Need. One Year Wonder?

    Tavon Austin - WR: PROs - Fast, Fast, Fast! Can do it All. Competitive. Durable so Far. Can Turn a Small Play into a Big One. CONs: Size! Can He Hold Up? Only Slot?

    DJ Fluker - OT: Huge! Emotional Leader. Strong Hands CONs: C'mon! A RT at 12? Not Even Ireland Could do That! More of a Power Scheme Guy. Weight Issues?

    Cordarrelle Patterson - WR: PROs - Playmaker! Great Size. RB-like Vision. Competitive. CONs - Not a Big Need Now. Bad Interviews. Raw. Can he Pick up the Playbook?

    Star Lotulelei - DT: PROs - Physical Beast. Strong. Plays Big in Big Games. CONs - Not a Need. Heart? Short Arms. Only 5 Batted Passes in College Career.

    Jarvis Jones - OLB: PROs - Ultra Productive. Just Makes Plays! Passionate. CONs - Medical Concerns. More of a 3-4 OLB.

    Desmond Trufant - CB: Good Bloodlines. Great Character. 4 yr Starter. Can Play Man or Zone. CONs: Terrible Backpedal. Skinny. Deep CB Class. A Grabber.

    Damontre Moore - DE: Has Played on the Right Side. Quick First Step. 8 FF in 3 Seasons. Hustles 'til Play is Over. CONs - Immature. Needs to Get Stronger. Bust Potential

    These are all guys I expect may be there if we stay at 12. Some have more of a chance than others. Some I included because I see people talk about them possibly being our pick. I don't watch film so what you see is what I have read is pretty much the consensus among a lot of different sources.

    I didn't include QBs or RBs as I don't see either being an option at 12.

    Flame away!

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