Cool Game used dolphins items for sale. Cheap MUST GO QUICK!

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    First up I have game worn BCA pink gloves and wrist bands worn by Reggie Bush (got them direct from him at jets game) Nike Vapor Jets (50$)

    Game used Jay Fiedler Aqua jersey, and white jersey. Aqua jersey was worn vs bears in 2002 and has the perfect season anniversary patch that was worn for 1 game that season. 250$ for aqua, 200$ for the white. Both are size 48 with custom elastic bottom, both are autographed Jay Fiedler on back 9, and both have beautiful silk screened QB cut sleeves.

    Game Used aqua fullback/H-back Kowliniwiski jersey 2008, number 40 size 46. Kiss-cut stitched, with skill cut sleeves (short shoulder cuffed can be worn) Worn by skill players outside of most QB's and Lineman who wear QB cut (best cut for casual wear), and Lineman cut which should never be worn in public lol (whole under arm pit is exposed) 120$ plus 8$ shippingUSPS priority 2-3 day with tracking.

    These jerseys are so much different from retail authentics, almost everything is different. For example. The sleeves, the mesh, the hem, the collar, The perfect fit from 5'8-6'2 ft. They actually fit like a T-shirt with sleeves coming to mid biceps rather than your wrists lol as they do on a retail jersey. Also with a retail jersey they are super wide and dumb baggy looking. These jerseys are the exact opposite. The numbering is all kiss-cut (meaning the orange and navy backdrop is not thick stitched but in fact laser cut to fit under aqua and white numbering for maximum light feel while wearing, they do this on gamers to save the players from access heat felt on hot humid miami field), both show excellent game use. The Dolphins logo on sleeves are about 2x bigger than a retail authentic (couldn't believe the difference myself, and how ripped off I felt buying authentics for 2-300$ that fit like crap, looked like crap, and weren't even accurate 1% to what the players wear). Patch on Aqua jersey is beautiful quality compared to the bogus ones you see on eBay. The real patch is very rare and goes for 50$ alone if you can even find it, plus the patch they wore in game is bigger than the one that was sold by willabee and ward in 2002. The jersey has no jock tag, but in fact a neck size and year tag. Aqua being 2002, and white being 2003.

    I'm also including a 8x10 photo of Jay Fiedler of your choice of him in a white jersey or him in an aqua jersey. I can also include an awesome black shadow box frame (with clear shoulder to shoulder hanger) and frame the jersey for you with photo and shadow box for just 50$ extra. The shadow box frames fit football jerseys perfect, and look awesome on the wall. Requires no glue or 1,000s of pin holes like pro framers use, ruining the jersey, never to be taken out of the frame again.

    Shipping is usps priority 2-3 day with tracking number. Item is being shipped from N.Y to anywhere in U.S or Canada.

    If you buy shadow box deal with jersey I am going to include aFree, YES FREE!!!!pair of game used dolphins pants (top quality stitching, never sold in stores) in your choice of either white or aqua style. I also have both styles of socks (striped white, and Aqua) that I can include if you want for a small extra fee.

    Please P.M with any questions and or comments.

    P.P.S- I will also include a free Miami Dolphins awesome hat!I have over 30 dolphins hats so I will grab bag one and include it with any jersey purchased.

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