Death Pool - Ideas??

Discussion in 'Vbookie Events!' started by NY8123, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Ok guys,

    The old death pool thread is dead because of the upgrades Bill and Co. did to the site and vBookie system. Based on the old celebrity death pool we had good participation but some people suggested ideas on how to make it better.

    Since the year is close to being over I am starting this thread to collect all the idea on how to make a celebrity death pool more viable here on Finheaven, here are a couple things that were suggested:

    1) Write-in by members of who is on the death pool board and expanding the overall size of the board
    2) Better odds on payout since potentially the bet is a long term bet
    3) Quicker turnaround of the vCash bet

    So you guys tell me, is it something you want to bet vCash on?
    How can we make it better to all?
    What do you want to include to make it better?

    I'm all ears.
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    - I like the idea of better odds but have no reference to go by when you say "quicker turnaround of the vcash bet". Care to explain?

    - Maybe a write-in ballot during Nov-Dec time frame for inclusion beginning Jan.

    - You may want to expand you researching capabilities (google 'celebrity death pools' and see what comes up)

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