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Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Rich22, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Let's be realistic here - the season isn't even over yet so the draft momentum is far from here - we haven't even hit the FA frenzy yet. After the combines people start falling in love with guys that they have to have. All of a sudden some guys are the best to come out in years at their position. The media builds this up and it WILL happen again. How else do you explain Philip Rivers going from maybe a 1st rd pick to the 4th pick overall? People will want to trade up - no doubt about it! The question is what will be the price tag - will it be the same value as last year. Coaches are in a win now situation and getting that impact guy is what everyone tries to do. We will get the offers and they will most likely be similar to last year - the question is will Saban want a certain player or more picks.
    Most of us want more picks because our drafts have been poor under Wanny and we need some good young blood. I find it funny though that some folks are saying we need to trade down and get all these picks and draft all these young gus and then also say but we need to keep most of the same guys we have. If you want all these draft picks and you agree to build through the draft then these guys need to play and that means alot of the vets have to go. I say no doubt we will trade down and there will be at LEAST 2 offers to choose from - it always happens. Just wait until Kiper gets rolling in March.
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    I thought this thread was proposing that we draft Kurt Angle.

    Heck, the Vikings signed Brock Lesnar.

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