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    Please note this board will only contain players who are Senior or players who have officially declared. Players such as Rolando McClain who haven't declared yet are not on the list. I will update this list on January 15th which is the last day that underclassmen have to declare for the draft.

    Top 30 Prospects

    1. Ndamukong Suh-DT-Nebraska
    2. Eric Berry-S-Tennessee
    3. Dez Bryant-WR-Oklahoma State
    4. Russell Okung-OT-Oklahoma State
    5. Gerald McCoy-DT-Oklahoma
    6. CJ Spiller-RB-Clemson
    7. Brandon Spikes-ILB-Florida
    8. Arrelious Benn-WR-Illinois
    9. Jimmy Clausen-QB-Notre Dame
    10. Sam Bradford-QB-Oklahoma
    11. Bruce Campbell-OT-Maryland
    12. Jermaine Gresham-TE-Oklahoma
    13. Mike Iupati-G-Idaho
    14. Dan Williams-DT-Tennessee
    15. Jared Odrick-DT-Penn State
    16. Brandon Graham-DE-Michigan
    17. Damian Williams-WR-USC
    18. Golden Tate-WR-Notre Dame
    19. Taylor Mays-S-USC
    20. Anthony Davis-OT-Rutgers
    21. Jerry Hughes-OLB-TCU
    22. Terrence Cody-NT-Alabama
    23. Brandon LaFell-WR-LSU
    24. Trent Williams-OT-Oklahoma
    25. Charles Brown-OT-USC
    26. Ricky Sapp-OLB-Clemson
    27. Sean Weatherspoon-OLB-Missouri
    28. Corey Wootton-DE-Northwestern
    29. Greg Hardy-DE-Mississippi
    30. Mardy Gilyard-WR-Cincinnati

    Players I think the Dolphins will be Interested in....
    *Dez Bryant-WR-Oklahoma State
    *Arrelious Benn-WR-Illinois
    *Golden Tate-WR-Notre Dame
    *Mike Iupati-OG-Idaho
    *Jermaine Gresham-TE-Oklahoma
    *Damian Williams-WR-USC
    *Brandon Spikes-ILB-Florida
    *Rolando McClain-ILB-Alabama
    *Jerry Hughes-OLB-TCU
    *Earl Thomas-S-Texas
    *Dan Williams-NT-Tennessee
    *Terrence Cody-NT-Alabama
    *Ricky Sapp-OLB-Clemson
    *Brandon Graham-DE/OLB-Michigan
    *Brandon LaFell-WR-LSU

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