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    Hey all its been a while since i posted on here. As some of you may know i host a radio show in Orlando, FL on WKNT Knightcast.orgwhich airs wednesdays 4-6 PM. I made a mock draft to share with my listeners and you guys please tell me what you think after i finished it i surprised myself a bit but all in all i'm pretty happy with it. By the way i will be having a live mock draft on my show tomorrow with Paul Eide of thefootballexpert.com. And for any one in Miami the Big O from WQAM will join me and talk some NFL Draft and what our beloved fins might be doing. You can call in at 407 823 4585.

    Tune in on knightcast.org at 4PM later today the show is called Tal's Afternoon Tailgate

    Tal’s Afternoon Tailgate 2009 NFL Mock Draft

    Tal Wollschlaeger

    1 Detroit Lions-QB Matthew Stafford (UGA)

    Being 0-16 the Lions are desperate for help at every position besides RB and WR (For Once) It puzzles me that new GM Martin Mayhew doesn’t look back to last year’s draft when the 1-15 Miami Dolphins ignored all the pundits and analysts (Wink Wink Mel Kiper) and passed on the sexiness that is Matt Ryan and Darren McFadden in order to pick the 6 foot 7 315 pound man child Jake Long. I will admit Matt Ryan is a stud and in my opinion the next great QB but the game of football is won and lost in the trenches and the Lions didn’t win much last year so A tackle ala Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe would be the best bet here. Remember they do have the 20th pick as well and if they pass on Stafford Josh Freeman could still be there.

    2. St Louis Rams – OT Jason Smith (Baylor)

    For the second consecutive year the not so greatest show on turf has the honor of the 2nd overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. With that honor comes the dawning of the Steve Spagnuolou and the passing of the torch from former #1 Pick Orlando Pace (now with the Bears) to Jason Smith. At 6 foot 5 309 pounds Jason Smith is an imposing force. After an injury plagued 2007 season at Baylor Smith started every game for them in 2008. Known for his pass protection Smith looks like a lock for the Rams at #2. However, if Stafford is still in the board look for this pick to take a little longer to be submitted as the Rams front office will be taking calls from teams desperate to grab him.

    3 Kansas City Chiefs- OLB Aaron Curry (Wake)

    Let the Pioli/Haley era begin, one of my favorite teams this off season are on the clock and its time for the Kansas City Patriots to take shape. Coming off of a great draft last year the Chiefs front office is now run by Little Tuna Scott Pioli. And just like the patriots went after hybrid linebacker Richard Seymour and Willie Mcginest back in the day the Chiefs will play copy cat here and select Aaron Curry who in my opinion is the Safest pick in this Draft. It’s safe to say that I have a legitimate man crush on this guy. With the Combo of size and speed its evident why Pioli will go after this guy as he is considered a Parcells guy and I know the Big Tuna would love to reel him in. He is an elite Blitzer and tackler who will constantly get in the quarterbacks face, and in the AFC West this year with the exception of Philip Rivers and that San Diego O-line I think curry will molest the likes of Jamarcus, Jeff Garcia, Orton, and the Spleen-less Chris Simms. Eugene Monroe could be another consideration at this Pick

    4 Seattle Seahawks- OT Eugene Monroe (UVA)

    Out with the old in with the new. As the Holmgren era has come to an end Jim Mora (n) Jr steps in. To this day I am still puzzled why the Seahawks parted ways with all everything LG Steve Hutchinson leaving one of the best left sides of the offensive line football has ever seen to an aging injury prone Walter Jones. That divorce led to the downfall of Shaun Alexander’s career and to the mediocrity that is Julius Jones. But not for long. This is where the mediocrity ends and a new order is established on that line. Eugene Monroe makes the most sense here as it will not only improve the running game but you will have one very happy Matt Hasselback knowing that his spine won’t hurt as much this season. I don’t buy the Mark Sanchez pick here, although it may happen I think Seneca Wallace is a cheaper and not so bad plan B at QB. And if i'm wrong hell at least they’ll have a pretty good tackle protecting whatever QB they decide to bring in down the road.

    5 Cleveland Browns- WR Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech)

    5 Picks 5 new coaches as Eric Mangini begins take 2 of his NFL coaching career this time with the Browns. I truly believe that Braylon Edwards days as a brownie are numbered if not this year most likely next year and Donte Stallworth is basically in purgatory waiting on his legal fate the Browns suddenly find themselves in need of a WR. This is probably the first and only shot Michael Crabtree has to make top 5 money, and unless Aaron curry falls into their laps the likes of Josh Cribbs and Syndric Steptoe will be sharing some Reps with College football’s best receiver.

    6 Cincinnati Bengals- OT Andre Smith (Alabama)

    In my opinion this should have been the 6th consecutive pick that features a New Head Coach as Marvin Lewis still can’t find a way for the Who Dey Bengals chant to finally come to fruition as they are getting beaten week in and week out. Its obvious that the Bnegals need help on the O-line as they ranked 29th in rushing and 3oth in sacks allowed. (Has Marvin Lewis been fired yet?) As we all know the Bengals love to add head cases and misfits so without further or due let me introduce to you the newest member of the Cincinnati Bengals Andre Smith!!!! After going AWOL at the NFL scouting combine Andre Smith has since fired his agent and do his best impression of free Willy at his Pro Day. Since they are so desperate at Offensive line it won’t be a pick that’s looked down upon as Smith is still a great prospect with great size, but look for the Bengals to possibly save face here and draft Michael Oher of Ole Miss or even entertain some offers from teams trying to grab Mark Sanchez and if So look for them to target the likes of OT Eben Britton of Arizona one of the fastest risers in the first round.

    7 Oakland Raiders- DT B.J. Raji (BC)

    As much as I think Al Davis will go after the speedy and sexy Jeremy Maclin I’m hoping he has some sense of sanity left in him. Oakland’s Defense has been surprisingly impressive over the past few years under the leadership of Rob Ryan. However, he is now in Cleveland and they could use an anchor. They have drafted well in years past on the defensive side of the ball and hopefully it continues with B.J. Raji the best DT in this draft. With his mass and bulk at 6 foot 1 337 he is a force to be reckoned with, and like I said earlier games are won and lost in the trenches and Raji could be quite successful in Black and Silver. Besides, if they do want their speed demon at WR and KR Darrius Heyward Bey will be there at the top of the second round.

    8. Jacksonville Jaguars-****TRADE WATCH*****

    2009 will be a defining year for Jack Del Rio and the Jacksonville Jaguars coming off a dismal 2008 season that came with such hope and aspirations. This pick could be the perfect time for the Jaguars to do some spring shopping and add on some draft picks. With the Mark Sanchez (Blehhhh) Love affair heats up this Pick will be the one where teams make a play for to prevent him from getting to the 49ers at # 10. Look for the Jets, Broncos, Redskins; Bucs, Vikings, 49er’s, and possibly the Titans make a call to the Jaguars with the Jets and Broncos my favorites to pull the trigger. (Note: Broncos have 2 first round picks from the Cutler trade) However, if the Jags do decide to stand pat look at them to go Defense especially if Raji is on the Board, possibly DB with Malcom Jenkins although he may be a reach here, and offensive line as that was their Achilles heel last year with 3 starters going down Michael Oher will be there. If they move out to lets say # 17 with the Jets or 12, 18 with the Broncos it will be Defense. Remember they wont draft a WR this high since they just added a Tory Holt and if they want one the top of that 2nd round will be WR heavy.

    9. Green Bay Packers- Brian Orakpo Hybrid DE/OLB (Texas)

    With Dom capers coming in and establishing that 3-4 defense its time for the Packers to get a true 3-4 hybrid player. There are worries that Aaron Kampman can’t cut is as a hybrid player so Brian Orakpo seems like the most obvious pick here. His elite combination of size and speed, and non stop motor showed during his senior season at Texas where he recorded 11.5 sacks. He is known as a workout freak and if he pans out will rekindle the memories that Packer fans had of the late great Reggie White.

    10. San Francisco 49er’s- Mark Sanchez QB (USC)*

    Before everyone gets confused the reason I have Mark Sanchez going to San Fran at 10 is only If he is still available and no team trades up for him before this point. It would be foolish to pass on Sanchez at this point because there next best option is Shaun Hill. However, IF Sanchez is gone before this point look for the 49er’s to target Defense with guys like Aaron Maybin and Everette Brown, or O-Line with OT Michael Oher. My sleeper pick here is WR Jeremy Maclin although I believe they will address that position later on in the draft.

    11. Buffalo Bills- Michael Oher OT (Ole Miss)

    After trading Jason Peters to the Eagles the left side of the line was left with a gaping hole. Look for them to address that here if Michael Oher is still available. They do have another first round pick at 28 but I don’t think they will take a chance and hope that a guy like Eben Britton will be there. If they don’t pull the trigger on Oher look for them to target the DE position with Aaron Maybin or Tyson Jackson. They could also grab TE Brandon Pettigrew here as well.

    12. Denver Broncos- Tyson Jackson DE (LSU)

    By far the first of two of the most defining picks Josh Mcdaniels will ever see in his NFL career, this will be where he rebuilds that dismal defense with one of the fastest risers in this draft Tyson Jackson.

    13. Washington Redskins- Aaron Maybin DE (Penn State)

    Although Dan Snyder has a man crush on Mark Sanchez if he cant trade up for him he’s not going to get him here, and the next best bet is Aaron Maybin. He will give a shot of youth and energy into that defensive line and could wind up at OLB down the road.

    14. New Orleans Saints- Malcom Jenkins CB/S (Ohio State)

    His speed has been questioned therefore he has dropped to 14. Look for him to be a Safety in the NFL.

    15. Houston Texans- Robert Ayers DE (Tenn.)

    Ayer's is the final piece to what already is one of the better up and coming D-lines in football. Look for the Okoye, Mario, and Ayers line to be dominant down the road

    16. San Diego Chargers- Everette Brown (FSU)

    With the departure of Igor Olshansky Brown would be an instant upgrade at the DE position. This could also be a possible landing spot for running backs Chris “beanie” Wells, and Knowshown Moreno as LT is getting older, and Sproles is not a number 1 back.

    17. New York Jets- Josh Freeman QB (Kansas State)

    If they don’t make a play for Sanchez they have to grab the strong armed Freeman, as the QB talent drops after him. Look for WR Jeremy Maclin here as well

    18. Denver Broncos- Knowshon Moreno RB (UGA)

    They did sign Corell Buckhalter and JJ Arrington but neither one of them are # 1 backs if Knowshown and Beanie Wells are available it should be a tough decision.

    19. Tampa Bay Bucs- Brian Cushing OLB (USC)

    Cush is ideal for this young defense and the Bucs do need help at OLB. With a young defensive minded coach in Raheem Morris this could be an exciting defense.

    20. Detroit Lions- Eben Britton OT (Arizona)

    Since they passed on Jason Smith with the # 1 pick they need to protect their new 50 million dollar man in Matt Stafford and Eben Britton is the best available tackle left on the board. With Britton and last years first round pick Gosder Cherilus the Lions O-line would be considered a strength. Philadelphia Eagles- Jeremy Maclin WR (Mizz)

    21. Philadelphia Eagles- Jeremy Maclin WR (Mizz)

    More likely than not Maclin will be gone before this pick but this is MY mock draft and im proud of it. If the eagles can’t swing a deal for Braylon or Anquan look for a steal here with Maclin. They could also go after TE Brandon Pettigrew if maclin is gone or even a RB such as Knowshown or Beanie

    22 Minnesota Vikings-Darrius Heyward Bey WR (Maryland)

    I hope im not making a mistake here because he can easily become another Troy Williamson but the Vikings need a deep threat and he’s got the speed to do so. Remember the Vikings could move up to go after Sanchez or Maclin. But if they stay put look for this to be the pick. Look out for Brando Pettigrew as well. He may not be as hung as Vincante Shianchoe but he is an upgrade

    23. New England Patriots-Clay Matthews LB (USC)

    I agree with Todd Mcshay that Clay Matthews has Patriot blue written all over him a guy that can pan out to be like Mike Vrabel or Teddy Bruschi. Hes versatile and will give the Pats The BEST young LB core in the NFL with him and Jarrod Mayo reigning defensive ROY. Scary thought…. The Sleeper here is UCONN DB Darius Butler but look for them to gram him with the 3rd pick in round 2.

    24. Atlanta Falcons- Brandon Pettigrew TE (OKST)

    Simply a value pick at this position and another weapon to Matt Ryan’s arsenal. Could also go DT with Peria Jerry or OLB with Clay Matthews if the Patriots pass on him maybe even Larry English

    25 Miami Dolphins- Vontae Davis CB (Illinois)

    This is my team and by far the hardest pick for me to predict to I have to agree with the analysts that if Vontae Davis is here you don’t pass him up. He is arguably top 15 talent and the best cover corner in this draft. The Fins are in need of someone opposite Will Allen because neither Jason Allen or newly acquired Eric Green can keep up with TO or Randy Moss one on one. If Vontae is gone or the Dolphins address another need look for DE/LB guys like Clay Matthews, or Larry English. People will be pleading for them to get a WR at this point but they WILL get one in the 2nd round quite possibly Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt. They are just to thin at CB to pass on one at this point. If they do go CB in the 2nd round look for guys like Sean Smith or Alphonso Smith and possibly D.J. Moore. As for MLB they do have Channing and Akin Ayodele but could go after UVA LB Clint Sitim in the 2nd round as well.

    26. Baltimore Ravens- Rey Maualuga MLB (USC)

    From Ray Lewis to Rey Maualuga the ravens love their Raymond’s. I think the is a perfect fit to play alongside Ray Lewis and will be the perfect fit to lead that defense in the years to come.

    27 Indianapolis Colts- Peria Jerry DT (Ole Miss)

    The Colts need a DT and Peria could be their guy. He has dropped due to his size and some scouts consider him out of shape. He could be the perfect fit for the Colts D-line.

    28. Buffalo Bills- Max Unger OL (Oregon)

    The Bills are rebuilding that line and Unger is Versatile enough to play center or guard. With the loss of Derrick Dockery and Jason Peters the Bills can fill that void with two first round picks Oher and Unger.

    29 New York Giants- Hakeem Nicks WR (UNC)

    This pick will only happen if they can’t pull the trigger on either a Braylon or Anquan Deal. Nicks is a physical freak and a huge target for Eli. He has great hands and can contribute right off the bat. If they do swing a deal for a WR than look for them to address LB or OT. Guys like Clint Sintim at LB.

    30 Tennessee Titans- Evander “Ziggy” Hood DT (Mizz)

    The Titans lost the most dominant DT in recent memory when Albert Haynesworth left Nashville for Dan Snyder’s purse. So now the Titans must address this gaping hole with Evander Hood. They could go receiver here as well. Watch out for Kenny Britt, Hakeem Nicks, or Heyward Bey.

    31 Arizona Cardinals- Chris “Beanie” Wells RB (OSU)

    Beanie could be gone before this pick but if he is here I grab him. Edge wants out and Tim Hightower is nothing more than an unproven 3rd down back. Beanie could add a whole new dimension to that already deadly offense.

    32 Pittsburgh Steelers- Larry English DE/OLB (NIU)

    Pittsburgh has an aging D-line and why not infuse it with some youth Larry English is thought to be one of the biggest sleepers in this years draft and if he winds up on the Steelers look out.
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