i feel as down as ever

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Ilovemyfins4eva, Dec 19, 2010.

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    about this team. now,i understand we have had much worse years record wise, especially in the past decade, like 04( 4-12), 06( 6-10) 07(1-15), etc, but this just feels the most deflating. although our records were poor those years,at least if u want to say u can have excuses, we had one in 04 with our star player quitting on us before training camp, 06 we took a chance on culpepper and he just was an utter disaster, 07 was our worst year ever in franchise history, but we lost our starting qb in the 4th game i believe it was, and we were playing with people off the street basically down the stretch, and then lost ronnie brown our only bright spot in week 9 vs the pats. this year we really have no excuses.

    this year, aside from losing, the losing ways are boring. not that it would make it any better if we lost 38-35 every loss, but the fact that our playcalling is so ****in lame, and its the same thing week after week, and yet nothing is done, it makes me furious. we prob have our most talent we have had on offense in a long time, with guys like bess, marshall, williams, brown, etc, and yet we are on our way to one of the franchises worst offensive years statistically, and i would go as far as saying most disappointing in franchise history.

    its amazing how after week 2, granted the opponents we beat, but we were 2-0, 2 road wins, first place, and not that 2-0 guarantees you anything, its the best start you can possibly have after 2 games, and before week 16 starts, we are mathematically eliminated from contention. you cant make these things up. also amazing, is that we are ****in 6-1 on the road, and if anyone was told that after 7 road games we would be 6-1 before the season, people would prob be booking flights to dallas, but yet, once again, we will be watching the playoffs this year without our beloved fins being involved.

    the thing about this year from other years also, and maybe im not alone on this, but the excitement for games now is not the same as its been, forget the beginning of the season, in the past decade. i mean, although we have had worse seasons, even in those season, i was going crazy during games late in the year when we were officially done from the playoff picture, and i was into it, etc, but this coaching staff has bored me to death with their with the same exact conservativeness week after week.

    i understand this has been said time after time, but sparano must go, no ifs ands or buts. im not gonna mention henning because thats a given. we need a coach who will come in and hold people accountable. isnt it ironic how after the dolphins win we all watch the locker room celebration and say how awesome sparano is? well, what i noticed is that after we win, even though we play ****ty, he gives the guys off till wed, and coincidentally, we always seem to lose after. we need change, and change must happen before the draft.

    please dolphins, due it for your loyal fan base. we want a consistent winner, not a team that struggles for 9-7 year after year.

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