I hope the low expectations from the media will be a good thing for this team

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by catch22, Jul 10, 2012.

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    The media has been saying pretty consistently this team will be one of the worst teams in the league next year. This might be true and nobody will know until we start playing some games but I think it is better for our team with a new head coach, new offensive scheme, new defensive scheme and a young quarterback to have time to gel without super high expectations. If we had high expectations I think it would put undue pressure to start Tannehill too early and It seems best to let him have at least half a year to sit and adjust to the speed of NFL players.

    Honesty as a fan I am glad everyone is going around saying we are going to suck.. Many of the players will hear these reports and I am hoping it will light a fire under them.

    It seems many of the reports putting us as the worst team or second worst team in the league are almost solely based on the impression that Brandon Marshall was the only reason we were wining any games over the last few years. But if you look closely at his production while he helped us win some games he also definitely lost us a few games with tons of drops, in addition he never had that many TD's in a season and he was getting a majority of red zone throws. That said I think Brandon was definitely our best receiver and I think will most likely be better than Ocho next year but who knows. Ocho has something to prove and he or one of our other receivers could step up. Stat wise Ocho has actually proven to be an equal or better receiver overall and even in his last 6 years than BM. Ocho will also not be allowed to be cancerous to this team. Loud if he plays well yes, but he is mostly a fun guy not a cancer. as far as other parts of the team, I think the defense will be similar production wise but hopefully better against the pass with a DB minded defensive coordinator. we seem to have upgraded at RB and OL (by subtraction of columbo mainly) and hopefully DE and TE (we will see)

    Here are some stats comparing Ocho (or hopefully Chad) and BM. I know the big stat is age but I think ocho has something left in the tank and has something to prove.. as does the rest of the team hopefully.

    Ocho Last 6 years TD avg: 5.5 (this includes NE)
    BM last 6 years 5.6

    ocho last 6 years TD avg years (not including last year in NE): 6.83
    BM Last 6 years 5.6

    ocho overall avg TD 6.5
    BM overall 5.6

    Ocho Yards per season last 6 played years 1089 avg (with NE 920)
    BM yards pers season last 6 year 1041 avg

    Wacha guys think? Can the low expectations light a fire under this team.

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