I know you guys don't want to see another topic about Sparano being retained...

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Mage_Phin, Jan 7, 2011.

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    but I have to vent.

    Dolphins management is by far the stupidest in the league

    I mean wow. There are no words that can describe how incredibly stupid this is. Stephen Ross is a joke of an owner and has no clue what he's doing. Not to mention, I'm not a fan of Sparano as a coach, but what they did to him is just cruel. They let everyone know that they thought he wasn't good enough, that they wanted to get rid of him. FFS they were prepared to make a coach with little NFL experience the highest paid coach in the league, that's how much they wanted him gone. I never felt that Harbaugh to Miami was a done deal, even with all the money we were going to throw at him. But after all of this, Sparano being retained never even crossed my mind. How are the players and the coaching staff supposed to respect this guy? They can't. At least upgrade Mike Nolan to the HC, the players all have a ton of respect for him after what he did with the defense. To top it all off, one of the reasons that Harbaugh turned us down may have been because Stephen Ross was too incompetent to comply with the Rooney rule, and to get rid of Sparano like he clearly had every intention of doing.

    Please sell the team Stephen Ross. We don't want J-Lo, the Estefans, the Williams sisters, Fergie or Marc Anthony, we don't want a nightclub in our stadium. We want a franchise QB and a real HC. If you can't provide us with those things then you need to leave. I hope you like empty seats jackass. No one is going to come want to see this product on the field, and even less so when you went 1-7 at home this past season.

    I wish I had the willpower to quit watching this team, but I don't. So I'll probably have to suffer through at least 10 more seasons of not being good enough to make the playoffs, but being too good to get one of the draft's top prospects. Anyway, the Dolphins definitely won't be my top priority on Sundays anymore, maybe I'll start paying more attention to former 'Cane studs in the NFL. I don't care how much **** I get for it either, this team doesn't deserve my money or my loyalty.

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