If Its All About The QB Miami Might Be Doomed

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by zodiak, Dec 26, 2010.

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    I like many feel to win at any level of football you need a very
    good QB, so with that being said this franchise right now
    might be stuck in a QB black hole which could doom them for years regardless
    of who is coaching it.

    Where to find a QB most teams draft a QB and set themselfs up for a run of sucessful
    play going as far as the QB can take them, however Miami
    had laughed at that idea failing to draft a QB #1 in 27 years
    rather they chose to experiment with other teams back ups or scavenger hunt the lower rounds in the draft
    failing every time.

    Whoever is running the franchise in '11 is faced with a very few prospects
    to fix this teams long standing QB issue.

    If they want to draft a QB the likely hood of upgrading from
    Chad Henne is not that probable outside of Andrew Luck
    and he won't last past the first overall pick.

    Trading or signing a FA well again seeing ad QBs that can play don't grow on trees
    the reality of fixing the problam through Free Agency is nor likely
    trades well perhaps depending on what you think of two particular QBs that might
    find themselves on the trade block maybe the hope could be found here.

    Vince Young seems many in Tennessee feel his time is up
    and think it's time to move him, the same issues Tenn. Has with VY will
    be facing any team that trades for him.

    This QB may be available only because Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders
    and with a new coach wanting "his" QB my next suggestion might be available
    and only in this stroke of luck might the Dolphins find themselves out of the black hole
    Tim Tebow...... Might he be the one?
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    Dude no

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