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Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Hayden Fox, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Mando: Matt Flynn will be a free agent in the offseason. Cha-Ching! He will be someone's starting quarterback in 2012 because that's what he wants. He'll leave Green Bay for the payday and the opportunity. With a franchise QB probably beyond reach in the draft, Flynn now becomes a viable option. But remember, there will be competition for the kid. So don't go putting him in aqua and orange just yet. Soon probably. But not yet.

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    Mando is supercritical IMO at times, but I find the quote interesting because Mando is tied into the team's sources so well. That is a bold statement a day after the season. Interesting to me. I do not take that as speculation...he usually has backing.

    I am dead set against sending a "Julio Jones Package" for RGIII. Luck I would, but that is out the window. Sign Flynn. Keep your picks and continue to build.

    (Oh yeah, watch what is happening in Indy with Manning)
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    I'm not sold on Matt Flynn, but we need to do something other than standing pat on what we have at the moment (no offense to Matt Moore). Since we don't have much of a shot at Luck or RGIII, I wouldn't be unhappy if we brought in Flynn to compete with Moore. The WORST thing we could do is stand pat and not give Moore any competition, but that's what Ireland did with Henne the last few years so I'm not convinced he'll make any worthwhile changes whatsoever. I'll remain VERY cautiously optimisitic till the Fins front office actually delivers on a promise rather than blow more smoke up our collective *****.
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    I understand Flynn had a great game yesterday. But I am honestly sick of picking up other teams back up quarterbacks to be our next starter. I would rather attempt to trade up for Luck, draft the best available player on the board at our current spot, or trade down to get more picks for next year.

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