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    We can not say we didn't see this coming. Many thought in the beginning of the season the at the dolphins were at best a 2 win team. I was myself a little more optimistic at 7-9, and i expected a lot more from Long and bush. Overall the losses do suck, but the front seven on defense is getting better then i margined, and while our secondary is getting shredded there are some bright spots in Jones, and even smith. I think sean smith has benefited from being apart from vontae davis and Sean will be a force to reckoned with next year. That said the team physically is much better then they give credit form and while the season is not over for the dolphins, 2013 is gonna be shake up in the afc east. The only negative that i see is Jeff Ireland, the man will be given one more shot i feel. But he can not mess this last chance up. He can not draft people like egnew who are sitting on the sidelines. Egnew was an early pick and should have started. I could understand if he was injured, but i expected alot more production. I would also love to see more lamar miller, i know bush is the man right now, but if Lamar starts he has potential to be the best back in 2013. Maybe i am pipe dreaming a little, i am certainly not a homer, but after the 2012 season closes, i feel with our first 3 picks in the top 70, we will finally be a force in the afc east, and it will only get better. I do have one question, most of us are pretty knowlagble football finatics. What in gods name did the footsy ryan think sparano would bring to the jets that he could not bring to miami? I have to say my best memory this season even though there is more to come is by far trouncing the jets in NY. Im also gonna say we take one from the patriots too, my wife is a pats fan, but cool thing is she wears her dolphins jerseys during jets and bills games. So i say to everyone who maybe upset at the outcome thus far, keep your head up and expect, dont hope for big things in 2013. We are far ahead from the damage sparano left us in. I believe in Philbin, and i believe in the team we have now, and sun will shine in Miami and the house will be packed soon enough.

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