Jawful 7-round Dolphin draft (alternate & UDFA targets)

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by JakeMcAwful, Apr 25, 2014.

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    I hope you guys aren't totally sick of mock drafts by now, because I sure am.. I tried to be as fair as possible with value, as often team-centric mocks can get especially greedy, but here's two draft classes I would be cherry with finishing with. It's killing me that the draft is two weeks away yet, but this alleviates some of that. I'd added some key UDFA targets at the end.


    1. CJ Mosley, ILB, Alabama
    2. Ju'Wuan James, OT, Tennessee
    3. Trai Turner, OG, LSU
    4. Devin Street, WR, Pitt
    5. Khyri Thornton, DT, Southern Miss
    6. Spencer Long, OG, Nebraska
    7. Dexter McDougle, CB, Maryland

    1. Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio St
    2. Terrence Brooks, S, FSU
    3. Dakota Dozier, OG, Furman
    4. Devonta Freeman, RB, FSU
    5. Michael Schofield, OT/OG, Michigan
    6. Richard Rogers III, TE, Cal
    7. Cornelius Lucas, OT, Kansas State

    UDFA Targets

    - Dustin Vaughan, QB, West Texas A&M
    - Avery Patterson, FS, Oregon
    - Lorenzo Taliaferro, RB, Coastal Carolina
    - Keith Smith, ILB/OLB, San Jose State
    - Keith Wenning, QB, Ball State

    Love to hear your thoughts, some of the names are common ones being thrown around on the board; but I feel like both options provide for needs while getting good value across the board. I didn't thrown in any analysis because I doubt anybody wants to hear it and people have a good idea of most of these prospects by now. But if you want to check out videos on these guys Draft Breakdown is your friend.
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    I prefer Shazier to Mosley (by a wide margin), but I'm still in the minority on that one. James is solid, and I'd understand it at 50, but if I'm drafting a RT at 50, I'd opt for Cameron Fleming. Similar story for Brooks. I like him, but I think he's more of a 3rd RD guy. I think you'll have a shot at Ward or Bucannon at 50, and if you do, I'd prefer either to any other safety in this class. I like Turner. Might have to draft him in the 3rd to secure him, but I don't like him so much that I wouldn't aim for him in the 4th. I think Street is more of a 6th/7th RD WR, and I like Freeman in the 4th.

    At any rate, I'd be happy with your Alternate draft. It's the start I want, and you have some nice players in the later rounds.

    If I were to mix those two drafts, the top 5 would look like:

    1. Shazier
    2. James
    3. Turner
    4. Freeman
    5. Thornton
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    Wenning won't go undrafted, I have seen him play a few times he's pretty good. Won't be drafted early but won't go undrafted

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