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    My first look at him, the Dolphins brought him in for a look but that counts as a local visit I think because he's from Miami.

    He passes the eyeball test and is stout at 6-4 5/8 310 lbs. Gets some movement off the LOS, pretty good power. I like his feet, he's quick, light on his feet and he engages and gets movement well. The one big mark on the negative side that I see is his reaction time, and he's kind of the antithesis of what I noticed and really liked about Zack Martin- you could call it reflexes or innate natural athletic ability, but it seems to me that while Pamphile's feet are quick, his hand-eye coordination is less so. Case in point, 1:55 here:

    That is just a whiff plain and simple, and while an extreme example it isn't a one-off. The thing that really got me about Zack Martin was how quickly he adjusted to moves like this, seamlessly picking them up. Quick feet, quick hands, quick head. Pamphile has slower reaction times and reflexes, and to me that's a big red flag. It's a shame, because otherwise he looks pretty solid. But if Tannehill could end up lying on his back with a busted shoulder or blown out knee with Pamphile at RT, that's a problem.

    To be fair, again this is a first look. There's a lot to like with Pamphile, but as an OT you have to adjust, and adjust quickly. If a Tackle is liable to whiff badly on a DE move any given play, that's a deal breaker. I do want to see more film, because this guy has some talent.
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