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Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by uk_dolfan, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Now that its very much draft season, I have been having another look at last years draft. I am a plodder and certainly no guru but there was one pick I never understood and that was Eric Fisher going number 1 overall

    In my humble opinion never mind the best player in the daft, he wasn't even the best OT in the draft - that was Luke Joeckel (whos LT replacement at A&M is my favourite OT in this draft as well) and if I was Miamis GM I would have took Joeckel over Fisher in a heartbeat at our pick nevermind at 1.

    I have always been an Alex Smith fan so I watched a good amount of KC games last year and he clearly struggled. As a first round pick he would have been disappointing nevermind as the first overall pick.

    I was just wondering, what was it about him that was so highly regarded coming out of college (even if nobody except KC saw I as first overall talent) cuz frankly - I just don't see it and this must have been one of the weakest first overall picks in a long time. At least Ryan Leaf had talent you could see even if he never lived up to it - Fisher to me is just so well meh.

    it just amazes me that one year the first overall pick gets you Andrew Luck and the next it gets you Eric Fisher ... some teams get all the "luck"

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