Miami Dolphins at New York Jets 24-20

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    Dolphins head to playoffs with win over Jets

    Updated: December 26, 2008 2:07:48 AM PST

    The Dolphins continue one of the most unbelievable turnarounds in NFL history by beating the Jets 24-20.
    And while the win secures a playoff spot for Miami (a team that won only one game last season), the New York loss knocks Favre and crew out of the race. Talk about a Madden Curse. It was only a month ago when everyone was hollering about a potential Jets/Giants Super Bowl.
    But the win really highlights the possible MVP-run of Chad Pennington. The Jets discarded their veteran quarterback to bring in Favre, and now have to watch as Pennington ushers in a new era of football in Miami.
    Running back Ronnie Brown also contributed heavily to the win, rushing for 89 yards and a touchdown as Miami improves to 11-5 heading into the postseason.

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