MiamiDolfan85's return of a decent mock draft(2-19-14)

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by MiamiDolfan85, Feb 19, 2014.

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    This mock is assuming we sign a LT and a RG in begin.

    1.)David Yankey, LG out of Stanford(6'5",314)
    [Finally we possess an established guard, capable of actually pulling. He plays with a mean streak that I believe would compliment Pouncey's sort of "finesse" game. Safe & solid selection if chosen.]

    2.)Telvin Smith, OLB out of Florida St.(6'2",232)
    [No matter who we had at MLB, we've always had a problems stopping the run to the outside once the run broke out. Not only does Smith seem to excel at that, but another aspect I've seen out of tape is he seems to be a natural cover.

    Of course, some of the opponents Florida St. played we're less than impressive. It doesn't take away some of the missing game-changers on this defense. Hole filled imo.]

    3.)Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB out of Nebraska(6'3",215)
    [Two reasons....hear me out.
    1.)This is Hickey's coming out, or possibly his slow induction draft with this franchise. So, this draft is only about getting offensive line help, and get some play-makers. I expect nothing more. And nothing less.

    2.)Whatever we have a corner-back at this clearly not working. Hickey has no ties with anyone on this roster, and is probably on permitted to keeping only so much more. I expect a top-heavy draft of guys that either push, or earn starting spots somewhere relatively soon come the start of the season.

    Best case scenerio: Brandon Browner
    Worst case scenrio: Sean Smith(a more aggressive one, which is ALL we really wanted!)

    3.)James Wilder Jr. RB out of Florida St.(6'1",233)
    [Always loved the way he runs. We're missing the tough yards. The guy that can not only get the 3rd and 3, but muscle/wiggle out and 20. Miller is probably what I didnt want to believe in that he was most likely just a change of pace back. But with a better line and someone to help switch it up on the defense could be monumental.]

    4.)Michael Schofield, RT out of Michigan(6'4",304)
    [Couple things stick out to me about Schofield. He plays very well in pass pro, which in this offense is needed. The possible additions of Yankey(LG) and Schofield(RT) along with some possible FA solutions(temporary or long-term), to join Pouncey is quite exciting. Another thing is that he plays with a lot of heart.

    He struggles with some bigger defenders, especially bigger bull rusher. However, he doesn't seem to let it bother him or seem over matched. He's a light-footed athlete. Kinda reminds me of Jeff Saturday. his size overall is not impressive, but its not all about size. He looks like a player to me in the offense.]

    5.)Calvin Barnett, DT out of Oklahoma St.(6'2",300)
    [Barnett has a good motor, and is quick off the snap. Shows a strong punch, and POA is fine. He has trouble though. When the opposing Guard, or Tackle halts his inital rush he shows inconsistency. Nothing some fine refining, hard work and coaching can fix. At worst, he'd be a quality back-up.]

    6.)Carrington Byndom, CB/S out of Texas(6'0",186)

    [I mostly think his stock suffered from the lack of any direction on either side of the ball for Texas. They we're all over the place. Partly the reason Texas A&M are swiping every recruit they've grown accustomed to for the past 20 years. Perhaps if we get out hands on him, and craft his game he could become very useful in certain situations immediately.]

    7.)Jay Bromley, DT out of Syracuse(6'3",307)
    [Probably just camp fodder, so whatever.]

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    How did you get 2 3rds? Trade back in the first for Yankey?

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