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    I ofcourse do not get alot of coverage on other teams but was curious as to see how teams promote them self in their market area and what type of TV/Radio coverage you get.
    I am going to list some and i want to see if its a over the league thing.let me know.something i always wondered.
    1)3 top defensive captains are interviewed for 20 minutes a pop.seymour/teddi/harrioson or hawkins or someotherkey player who made some contribution the last game.
    2)Tom brady comes on the morning for a sports chat and answer some questions which one can send him.
    3)Coffee with the coach again BB talks and is interviewed .For some reason he is always joking laughing and making fun of the interviewers [something i never seen him do on TV or even freaking smile].He rambles on stats and stuff which i do not know how he knows.Talks about big plays of the game and he is very specific and ofcourse you can email him a question.

    Comcast a Local zone coverage with daily interviews,updates every day and ofcourse game of week and stuff.

    Local TV - Interviews with players every week .A guest apperance and a local school football team is present who get to ask questions to the player.A quite a few shows by ex players and andrea tippet comes on with some patriot players to teach basics of football to viewers .

    Non Football related activities.
    1)tution fee assitance for kids who write in an article on the patriots game every 2 months with a grand winner price of 25k towards education in jan.
    2)Alot of events where they partipate like last week it was charity bingo and wrap a player - all towards charity.
    3)Every week a local football team get a 1000$ towards football gear .selected and awarded to the coach from the local league winners.

    Just curious is this nfl wide thing or something local here.

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