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Discussion in 'General NFL Forum' started by Roman529, Jul 31, 2013.

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    @AdamSchefter: No more kickoffs in Pro Bowl. Rosters will consist of 43 players per squad

    Does anyone think that the NFL is slowly changing into a different game? I can see there being no more kickoffs in NFL games in about five more years. They will just award teams the ball at the 30. I am sure Punts will be the next thing eliminated. Then you won't be able to touch another player's helmet without getting a 15 yarder. Roger Goodell is ruining the game with these rule changes. :rolleyes:
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    Evidently most of the changes come from NFLPA Domique (sp?) Foxworth.

    As for the kick returner. Chris Kluwe, Raiders punter, is going off on Twitter about how this might actually be a breach of contract. Something to do with the Pro Bowl contract that was originally agreed upon. And how because they are taking away a vote-in-position, they are taking away a $50k check from the players.

    As an example. A return specialist like Devin Hester can no longer make the Pro Bowl because he was a great kick returner during the regular season. And thus be gyped out of an extra pay check.

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