NFLDC: Top 15 Senior Prospects for 2014 Draft (Preseason)

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by ChambersWI, May 13, 2013.

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    1.Jake Matthews OT, Texas A&M
    2.Taylor Lewan OT, Michigan
    3.Anthony Barr OLB/DE, UCLA
    4.CJ Mosely LB Alabama
    5.Kyle Van Noy OLB/DE, BYU
    6.Jackson Jeffcoat DE, Texas
    7.Christian Jones LB, Florida State
    8.Daniel McCullers DT, Tennessee
    9.Aaron Colvin CB, Okalhoma
    10.Jeremiah Attaochu LB, Georgia Tech
    11.Tajh Boyd QB, Clemson
    12.Kareem Martin DE, North Carolina
    13.Justin Gilbert CB, Oklahoma State
    14.Cyril Richardson OG, Baylor
    15.Jason Verrett CB, TCU

    Obviously the top 2 players on most boards are probably gonna by Jadaveon Clowney and Teddy Bridgewater, but both are juniors
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    I consider myself a BUYER on Daniel McCullers. But he's destined to fall from where he's being stacked right now. People stacking him this high just are not paying attention to recent trends in the NFL. This year other huge, gargantuan bodied defensive tackles like Kwame Geathers and T.J. Barnes went undrafted. Not even 7th round picks. McCullers may be better than them (although I'd have an argument in the case of Geathers) but not enough that suddenly a guy with the same dimensions and limitations is going 1st round. Meanwhile, two other guys who were big bodied traditional defensive tackles in Star Lotulelei and Sharrif Floyd also fell. The NFL doesn't want traditional defensive tackles. They want Sheldon Richardson.

    To me McCullers a guy I'd love to have (along with Geathers, along with Barnes) as a role player. There's a place for him. But talking about him in the 1st round is highly misguided IMO.
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    McCullers is a much better player than Geathers or Barnes. Both of those players I had an undraftable grade on in the #340 range.

    I watched the Vols spring game and McCullers was down to 347 pounds, and had worked very hard on his pass rush in the offseason. It showed in the spring game.

    However, he's still a 2 down player at the next level. He'll have to keep his weight under control. He's a lot closer to Terrance Cody than he is to Barnes or Geathers. McCullers has a chance to be a top 75 pick.... but he's not going in the 1st round, as I said previously.

    There's 2 elite prospect there in Anthony Barr and Kyle Van Noy. 3 very good prospects in Mosely, Matthews, and Colvin.... and 1 that could be in this category if he shores up his technique in Justin Gilbert. He's already the elite kick returner in college football. It's his technique in coverage that he has to improve on.

    The rest will get pushed down by more talented underclassman that declare.

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