One ticket for MNF game

Discussion in 'FinHeaven Exchange' started by PrairieDolphin, Dec 10, 2017.

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    So... I've travelled to Fla from Saskatchewan, Canada with my wife and son for this game but due to some circumstances wife and son won't be able to make it to the game tomorrow night. So I have one ticket available I'm offering to any fellow fin fans if they wanted to go. Seats are in section 201, Row 1. Great seats. I paid $400 USD per ticket on dolphins presale before the season. not looking to be fully reimbursed but hoping to get some of the cost back. If anyone is interested pls let me know asap so we can make plans accordingly. I'm staying in deerfield beach and have a rental car. Pm me or email me at

    Thanks and go fins!!
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    I flew down also bud. I don’t need an extra ticket, but I hope we both get to see a memorable game!
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