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Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by jim1, May 4, 2014.

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    I was getting frustrated because I couldn't find any film on Patchan, then I had a V-8 moment- get tape of Andre Williams, and Patchan will follow. Voila:


    The short version is that Patchan is my answer to the RT dilemma, and a very capable backup LT. I've been looking for signs of weakness, pain, lingering injuries given his medical history and I don't see them. Total blue chip recruit out of high school, great size at a little over 6-6 300 lbs with room to grow, good base, thick legs and upper body, athletic build. Gets a very solid push in the running game, good feet/reflexes/quicks to pick off defenders on the second level (see 2:28 of the above clip), solidly walls off defenders, smooth kick slide and mirroring, you can see some pass blocking film starting here at 1:28


    The question is, is Patchan healthy or not? I think he is, and he's my dark horse to solve the RT problem. Watching him with no bias against the injuries, he's one of my favorite offensive linemen in the draft.


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