Our main problem:1st Day Draft since 2000.

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    Dolphins First day picks since 2000:


    1TO CAROLINA in '98 draft trade-up (23)
    2Todd Wade (53)T Mississippi

    3Ben Kelly (84)CBColorado
    4Deon Dyer (117)FBNorth Carolina

    2000 # 1 pick was traded back in 1998 for Patrick Surtain, a great trade, but no longer on the team. Wade left after being decent, Kelly had a cup of coffee and Dyer was a decent blocker for a time. No one on the roster.


    1Jamar Fletcher (26)CBWisconsin
    2aChris Chambers (52)WRWisconsin
    (from Indianapolis through Dallas in '01 draft trade-up)
    2bTO DALLAS in '01 draft trade-up (56)
    3aTravis Minor (85)RBFlorida State

    3bMorlon Greenwood (88)LBSyracuse
    (from Philadelphia in '01 draft trade-up)
    4TO DALLAS in '01 draft trade-up (122)

    Ahhh Jamar Fletcher, the corner that we picked first but could not play in our system. Couldn’t play in anyone’s system accept Wanny’s imaginary one and that was Septic. Brees was there for the taking. Travis is gone, but not a great player for us. Greenwood was a “guy”. Chambers was a very decent pick and the only player remaining.


    1TO NEW ORLEANS in RB Ricky Williams deal (25)
    2TO PHILADELPHIA in '01 draft trade-up (59)
    3Seth McKinney (90)CTexas A&M

    4aRandy McMichael (114)TEGeorgia
    (from New Orleans in RB Ricky Williams deal)
    4bTO NEW ORLEANS in RB Ricky Williams deal (125)

    The Rickey trade carried a heavy cost and this was the start. , but another trend with a give away 2nd round pick for Greenwood. McKinney started, but wasn’t great. Randy was a great pick in the 4th. No players on the roster as of today.

    1TO NEW ORLEANS in RB Ricky Williams deal (18)
    2Eddie Moore (49)LB Tennessee

    3aWade Smith (78)Tmemphis
    (from New England for 2nd-round pick in 2004)
    3bTaylor Whitley (87)G Texas A&M

    4TO CAROLINA for DE Jay Williams (119)
    Anyone hear crickets? Pick a stiff any stiff. Eddie Moore was picked over Anquan “I have 340 catches “ Boldin. No players on the roster.

    1aVernon Carey (19)G/TMiami (Fla.)
    (from Minnesota in 2004 draft trade-up)

    1bTO MINNESOTA in 2004 draft trade-up (20)
    2TO NEW ENGLAND for 3rd-round pick in 2004 (56)
    3TO GREEN BAY in 2004 draft trade-down (87)
    4aWill Poole (102)CBUSC
    (from Green Bay in 2004 draft trade-down)
    4bTO MINNESOTA in 2004 draft trade-up (119)
    Another classic. Carey amounts to a 1 & a 4th as the Fins get rooked. 4 more rounds, for one player on the roster.

    1Ronnie Brown (2)RB Auburn
    2aTO PHILADELPHIA for QB A.J. Feeley (35)
    2bMatt Roth (46)DE Iowa
    (from Kansas City in CB Patrick Surtain deal)
    3aTO ST. LOUIS for RB Lamar Gordon (66)
    3bChanning Crowder (70)LB Florida
    (from Chicago in Booker-Ogunleye deal)
    4Travis Daniels (104)CB LSU

    Another 2nd rounder & 3rd burnt off for A J ..I can’t finish this one. Roth is a nice pick, but we will see this year if he was worth Pat.


    1Jason Allen (16)S Tennessee
    2TO MINNESOTA for QB Daunte Culpepper (51)
    3Derek Hagan (82) WR Arizona State
    4 Joe Toledo (114)T Washington

    It’s too early to look at these last two drafts, but all are still on the roster. 2005 clearly has had the most
    impact since 2000 and looks better than the 2006 thus far with yet another pick being traded. Allen will
    need a HUGE improvement to not look like a bust and is at least a reach at this point. Hagen has
    potential and Toledo was hurt. The point of all this is to show just how bad we have been on the first day of the draft giving away picks, reaching for players and flat out drafting busts. Our record is a result and I hope that the new regime takes the approach of drafting the best athlete available.

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