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Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by So Be, May 16, 2013.

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    I believe that Miami has more "slash" positions players that any other team in the NFL. It's not a big deal on O, with guys on the OL being able to play a second spot like Garner, Samuda, Martin, and maybe Jerry and rookie Thomas. Mastrud is being developed on the OL but, can still fill in on goal line and short yardage as a TE/ OT. Thigpen as a KR/WR is also not a big deal. Clay as a FB/H-back/TE is the only one who stands out.

    D is different. Soliai is a NT/DT, Starks a DT/DE (in a 3-4), Odricke is a DE/ DT/ 3-4 DE, Wake is a DE/OLB, Vernon may be the same, and Jordan is likely the same. Mise is an OLB/DE. Ellerbe can play inside or out, and Wheeler may be able to do the some. Wilson is a CB/S, and Marshall may be.

    That's a whole lot of "slashers" to make OC's crazy, and especially with all the no huddle being played. Dolphins don't need to change personnel to adapt, they just realign. This is a VG thing.

    However, it does require players to be able to learn different positions, formations, and different players they will be matched up against. It's not as easy as just moving and play the game.

    I use Clay as an example. He came in as a rookie, and had to learn FB, TE, and H-back, and then, everything changed with the new coaches, and systems. Misi is another. He was going to be a pass rusher. Say what you will on Misi but JT, whose opinion on pass rushers I respect more than any poster here, said he was going to be a VG one, when he was not asked. Last year, Misi was setting the edge, very well, and still had 5 sacks I think.

    I love the versatility we have but, have to believe it will take some time to fully see it work, with all the new and young players.
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