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Discussion in 'Questions and Suggestions Forum' started by CalDolFan10x14, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. CalDolFan10x14

    CalDolFan10x14 Your QB for the next 10 years. Finheaven VIP Donator

    Sep 2004
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    Is there another method besides Paypal I can use to renew my VIP membership? I'm trying to use one of those prepaid $25 Visa Gift Cards I recently received, but Paypal is unable to verify it for some reason. The card DOES have a full balance (just checked it 5 minutes prior to writing this). Paypal has always given me some kind of issues every time I use it (even with my own bank/check cards). Thanks for the help!
  2. d-day

    d-day Administrator Administrator Finheaven VIP

    Nov 2004
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    Matt's been a little under the weather but I brought this to his attention.

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