RIP "Righteous Talk" We will miss you. The "chop shop" draft guys..

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Pinkboy, Apr 25, 2008.

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    These guys were so good at analyzing the draft on youtube.. AKA- "The chop shop". if you don't know who these guys are, here's a video as pick #10 is about to be called last season (they make comments and opinions before every pick of the first round)- they made a different video for every pick in the first round last year.

    Click on the user name "righteous talk" to see other videos regarding football.. These are just three guys who sit in their living room talking about the draft every year ( the third guy is in some other videos) . They were cool dudes..

    I put the RIP in the title because the guy on the left died in an accident recently. RIP my friend.

    The dude called the Ginn pick last year-

    Anyway their videos are alright, check out some of their other 138 videos over the years by clicking the "righteous talk" link on the top right., some really good NFL talk- Some of them break down every teams needs and strengths going by divisions. Some of them last for half an hour when they talk about teams in a division.

    I enjoyed these guys alot more than the Mayocks and the crap on TV>

    Anyway I just wanted to give the "chop shop" crew a shout out before the draft. I think this thread is more appropriate than the ridiculous every minute "jason taylor" threads and "what is he eating today" crap. Or the mock a minute threads people start constantly.

    Maybe some of you guys will enjoy watching some of their videos. I used to. They were alright.

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