Running back, Slot Receiver, Tight End, Offensive Tackle, Cornerback options

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    I would say these are our remaining needs (not in order just in order those positions are listed on a depth chart or roster, tackle is our biggest need). I just wanted to provide my top 3 choices for each position and what there draft range is. This is not my top 3 ranking for position either, just top 3 who I see fitting in the Dolphins scheme and who they may target.

    Running Back
    #1 Eddie Lacy Alabama
    Slight chance he makes it to 42 probably goes somewhere in the 30's... He would provide a great compliment to Miller's speed and he spent most the season battling turf toe which can be a real *****, especially for a running back... His best 2 games were when he was healthy against Georgia and Notre Dame.

    #2 Giovani Bernard North Carolina
    should be there in the 42-54 range. Under sized but runs with power, very good on 3rd down in pass protection and a receiver out of the backfield

    #3 Stepfan Taylor Stanford
    will definitely be there at #82 but that's to early to draft him. He may be gone before #110 so we may have to make a trade if we were to draft Taylor. Doesn't have blazing speed but runs with vision and power, and can pass protect. Seems like a Philbin guy

    Slot Receiver
    #1 Tavon Austin West Virginia
    will be gone if we don't snag him at #12, by now everyone on FH knows Tavon. Most explosive player in the draft, will be a great security blanket for Tannehill. Wallace Hartline Tavon Gibson Bess and Keller at TE would be some great weapons and might send Tannehill to Hawaii

    #2 Ryan Swope Texas A&M
    should be there at #54, everyone most likely knows swope as well. One of Tannehill's best friends, played with him and played for Sherman. Wes Welker type (altough he doesn't catch the ball as good as him) with 4.3 speed.

    #3 Kenny Stills Oklahoma
    I don't think he is among the best receivers in the draft but could be a good option in the slot in round 4 (#110)

    Tight End
    #1 Tyler Eifert Notre Dame
    would need to take him at #12, Jimmy Graham clone, will improve our redzone offense and him and Keller would form a nice 1-2 combo, everyone knows Eifert

    #2 Travis Kelce Cincinatti
    will be there in the #77-#82 range. Good blocker, good YAC. I think he would be a tremendous value pick in the third round

    #3 Zach Ertz Stanford
    would need to take him at #42, which I believe is a reach. I like Kelce more and he can be had a round later. Still a good player, good blocker tough football player. I like him more than Fleener last year.

    Offensive Tackle
    #1 Lane Johnson Oklahoma
    we would have to trade up to #6 to get him, my #1 overall rated player in the draft, If he fell to #12 I would consider him but it would take #42 and #82 (2A and 3B + #12) to get him. Too much for my liking

    #2 Menelik Watson Florida State
    will be there at #42, very athletic raw prospect new to the game. Has all the movement skills to play LT in this league

    #3 Kyle Long Oregon
    will be there in the 42-54 range, would be a RT but some see him as more of a G. Son of Howie and brother of Chris, Kyle is a former pitcher for the FSU baseball team

    #1 DJ Hayden Houston
    he might fall to #42 but not exactly sure because of the freak injury he had. Very good prospect

    #2 David Amerson NC State
    will be there in the #42-54 range. Got killed deep at time as he guessed on plays this year, but is 6'1 + runs a 4.3 and a year ago had 13 interceptions

    #3 Jordan Poyer Oregon State
    should be there at #54, good zone corner with good ball skills

    My preferred way to go about these positions would be to sign RT Eric Winston, draft Tavon #12, cross my fingers and hope Lacy is there at #42 if not take Gio there, #54 take Hayden, Amerson, or Poyer; Hayden will probably be gone but Amerson should be there, and take Kelce at #77.

    **PS. If KC would trade Albert to us for one of our 3rd round picks, plus a conditional 2014 pick I would jump all over that instead of signing Winston.
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    Although signing Winston or trading a third for Albert, and drafting Eifert at #12, Lacy/Gio at #42, and Swope at #54 would be pretty solid as well.. Could take CB in the third like Robert Alford

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