Situational football: would this be a good decision in last two minutes of game?

Discussion in 'General NFL Forum' started by cltchperf, Oct 17, 2013.

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    It was something that came to me, I don't recall coaches doing this too often. But it came to me again during the end of the Saints-pats game last week, when the saints took the lead 24-23 and pats went 4 and out at own 20 or 30 yard line. Saints ended up only getting a fg. With there only be 2 minutes left, and that is usually only enough time for the other team to get one score in, if there's any time for an onside kick or not much time left with an onside kick. What I'm getting at is, would it be that bad of a team to go for 2pt conversion after scoring a TD when up by one before? Or a fake PAT? Unlike doing that when tied, there isn't the chance of losing if it doesn;'t work as your team would still be up by 7, so the worst would be a tie before overtime. But if two pt conversion is good, your team basically finished the game and made the lead now a two posession lead with time left (2 minutes) for one score, therefore, essentially going for the kill. It's true an 8 lead seems a little bit better as the opposing team has to convert the twp pt conversion, but it's still a one posession lead as 7 pt lead, wherease' obviously being up by 9 brings it to a two posession lead and putting the game away from being tied for the other team on their last two minute drive posession? have teams done this, good idea or not?

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