Some Stat Stuff On Phins OT's Pass Protect

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by So Be, Aug 13, 2013.

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    I've been looking at our OT's, and trying to figure out if we can be better than last year. FWIW, this is one way to look at it but, not the only way. I included penalties as well.

    Last year, Martin (RT & LT) gave up 6 sacks, 4 hits, and 47 pressures, with 5 penalties, and 0 accepted.

    Long gave up 4 sacks, 7 hits, and 10 pressures, with 7 penalties,and 4 accepted.

    Garner gave up 2 sacks, 0 hits, and 11 pressures, with 3 penalties, and 0 accepted.

    The combined team total for OT's was giving up 12 sacks, 11 hits, 68 pressures, with 15 penalties, and 4 accepted.

    Enter Clabo who gave up 5 sacks, 7 hits, and 23 pressures, with 4 penalties, and 1 accepted, which I subtract.

    Based on last year's protection. Martin would have to give up 7 sacks, 4 hits, and 45 pressures, with 11 penalties, and 3 accepted, for the team's OT's to be the same.

    Now, some believe that LT is much more important, while others see the best pass rushers going against the RT in today's day and age. I made it simple and combined the two, I'm sure many will disagree with this but, I found it interesting.

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    Yeah I see it kinda the same. Here is the way I look at it. Martin has played LT his entire career before last year. He is better suited to play LT than right where you get more bull rushers than speed rushers. So when I compare this year to last year I do it this way. I see Martin as a much better player with a year of experience under his belt, stronger, and smarter, playing the position he is used to, and better suited > last year's verision of Martin as a rookie playing RT.

    I also see Jake as a player no where near being the player he was a few years ago, who doesn't fit our system, and can't stay healthy a full year, being not a lot better than Claybo, or even a wash considering Garner would have been our backup plan if Jake would have went down.

    So I see it like this
    This years vs Last year's
    Claybo = Jake
    Martin > Martin

    Which would mean our tackles would be nearly the same as last year with a slight improvement, depending on Martin's improvement. The big question still remains, who is the backup. That is what makes me nervous. If Martin goes down I see Jerry being the backup, rather than Garner, and if Claybo goes down it might be Dallas Thomas covering there. Garner just isn't a starter for more than a game, in my mind. Dallas Thomas came back to quietly play a very solid game vs the jags. I really like him and think he will be better than most think.
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    Not ruling out that Jon Martin will be a better left tackle than right tackle, but it would've been nice if things actually panned out that way last year. As things stand he was far worse in pass protection at left tackle than he was at right. And that's just objective, evidence-based fact.
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    5 flags and none accepted just means he can't even commit holding properly....

    There you go D-Lockz, I posted it for you.

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