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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports' started by Batman13, Oct 12, 2005.

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    My team is 5-1 and i have been tearing the league up in points scored (I have over 600 now). This week, I play the only undefeated guy in the league, and he has been talking crap after every win. My starting lineup is bad@ss (Peyton Manning, Torry Holt, Steve Smith, LT, indy de). my question is this, for my W/R and 2nd RB, my options are: Caddy, Ronnie, Ricky, Deion Branch (denver), Troy Williamson (chicago), Michael Clayton.
    What are my 2 best options? I'm leaning towards caddy and Ronnie, but just thought i'd get a general consenus.

    Also, would you ply Bills De agains the Jets or Indy's against the Rams?

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