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    I would say this on the main board, but it seems more like it belongs here.

    I understand the need to have a variety of opinions on this forum and there are plenty. Some are troll jobs while others are just a simple disagreement. The discussions that occur are excellent and offer a wealth of knowledge. Some I do not always agree with, but I appreciate them offering a counterpoint. With that said, I still do not understand the need to keep Nyjunc around. He adds little to the discussions and anytime he posts in a thread it derails it. Most of what he posts is obviously trolling and to "get a rise" out of Dolphin fans. I know he was always good to generate discussion and keep threads moving, but with the team making a playoff run it sort of just ruins the mood. I mean we give one of our better posters a timeout (granted it was deserved) for his frustration over losing his favorite player, but we allow Nyjunc to continue to soil threads. I suggest a permaban...He isn't here to discuss the team, he is here to intentionally get a rise out of the posters and in turn hurting many of the threads.
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    The only advise I can give is:
    - don't engage him. Leave him by the side of the road.
    - do not mention anything Jets related unless it is a thread about the Jets. Don't open one door. He can't help himself and will go off topic eventually.
    - do not mention Sanchez - ever. Don't open this door either. He can't help himself and will go off topic eventually.

    I am writing this with absolute confidence that it will just be a matter of time and knowing that he will read this post. :lol:


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