The Dolphins are the worst drafting team in the 1st round

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by CJGoCanes, Apr 25, 2009.

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    Here's some stats from Advanced NFL Stats, showing draft pick success by team and round. From 1996 to 2008, the Dolphins were by far the worst team in average years started by their first round pick. They have averaged only 2.0 years started, while the Colt's first rounder's have averaged 6.5. We were also ranked 26th overall. And we've also only had 1 pro bowl selection in the 1st, compared to Baltimore's 39.

    There's no doubt the biggest pick up of the last decade for the Dolphins franchise has been Parcells. Can you imagine where we would still be if we didn't land the Big Tuna? Most likely shelling out over $40 million in guaranteed for the #1 overall pick. It's definitely a stress reliever on draft day as a Phins fan. Go Dolphins!

    Oh yeah, happy holidays football fans.

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