The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by pags77, Dec 12, 2010.

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    The Good:
    • Beating the friggin Jets and the joy of listening to a week of talk radio about how this team is preparing to choke!
    • Brandon Fields, are you kidding me with those monster punts in that weather? He singlehandedly won the fieldposition battle for us all game.
    • The defense. Pass defense so much better with getting rid of Jason Allen and his falling down. All LB's had solid games with standout plays all day. Even Crowder was laying the wood, knocking Greene out of the game and hitting with ferocity. As usual Cameron Wake coming up big, great job on the Wildcat destruction of Smith, and the last sack sealed the deal. D-line played tough all day, every yard the Jets gained was truly earned!
    The Bad:
    • Turnovers, too many even for a sloppy day.
    • The offense, totally inept performance.
    • Sean Smith's catching ability, or lack thereof.
    The Ugly:
    • Chad Henne. I bought my daughter his Jersey last year, seriously thinking he would be our QB for the future. I turned to her and promised her a new number, he is just so awful to watch.
    • The Jets coach who stuck his knee out to interfere and almost seriously injure Nolan Carroll. Are you kidding me, that is one of the dirtiest and most dangerous plays in hockey as it frequently leads to serious knee damage. For a sideline coach to do that to an active player, is so low class. I am expecting big fines to be handed out to whoever that guy is.:crazy:

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