this loss is merely a flesh wound..

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Quadfather, Nov 4, 2012.

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    The dolphins lost this game handidly. Indeed we looked like an inferior team to the colts. But you can see why we traded Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis before the season. We arent contenders. This year. and while the prognosticaters maybe had too low of expectations, I think we had too high of expectations. In the last decade we crippled ourselfs in how we went about replacing #13. How many draft picks did we trade away or spend for loser qbs. AJ Feeley, Daunte Culpepper, John Beck, Chad Henne. And instead of biting the bullet and taking a QB high in the first round, where you have the most success, we rolled out teams with Gus Ferotte and Joey Harrington instead. Finally, Joe Philbin comes in and immeditly stabalizes a body with cardiac arrest. I see him like Tom Coughlins arrival in NY. In 2004 the Giants got the rights to Eli Manning. Now Eli was much maligned as a mediocre qb in the beginning of his career. It took the giants I think 5 years to win their first super bowl. Now they have two in the last three years and are on the verge of becoming a dynasty.

    People, Rome wasnt built in a day. Joe Philbin knows that. Just like a boxer, and any respectible team in the NFL, players are going to go out and bleed to win for their team. Even teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars have personal expectations to win the super bowl each year. If a team didnt have that expectation no matter how talented they are, they dont deserve to play in the NFL. But reality kicks in, we arent a superbowl team. Im sorry, I know alot of you are having a hard time getting over this, but its true. We will fight to the very last inch, maybe get a wild card spot, maybe not, but whatever the outcome, its ok.

    Its ok because we have our franchise qb. We have our franchise coach, which people tend to overlook. We are stockpiled in draft picks for next years draft. Our drafting has gotten better every year for the last 5 years. We are starting to see dividends. We are building the foundation to a dynasty. But it takes hard work, and time. As fans, we have to be patient with this team and just relax and watch it grow. This loss was a blow. But just like a good boxer, we will get back off and shake it off and move to the next round. The sky isnt falling. Relax. The future is bright, even if it isnt this year. But Im certainly not going anyware. All I have is time, and all I know is these teams better get their licks in on the dolphins now, cause we are going to dish it right back in the years to come.

    (on a side note: I know I had a million grammar and spelling mistakes, but I really dont give a ****, you get the point)
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    I agree. Tough loss, but the end of the world

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