Use Ginn like Saints use Bush

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by dolfin530, Nov 3, 2009.

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    Do I think Ginn should be our #1 WR NO. But I would love for him to remain a fin for a long time as long as he contributes in some way. Is ginn a bust as a #1 WR it is debatable but he can be a solid player in a role like reggie bush has. As a RB bush to me is a bust but he is a solid player that contributes to his team. Bush has not rushed for more than 581 yards. Ginn has not put up huge number they are similar to bush...

    Bush in his 4th year has 1,728yards rushing and 16 tds....
    1,754yards receiving and 8tds
    569 punt return yards and 4 tds

    total of 4,051 yards and 28 tds in 4 years

    Ginn in his 3rd year has 1,421 receiving yards and 5tds
    112 yards and 2tds
    2,579 kick return yards and 2tds
    239 punt return yards and 1td

    total of 4,351 yards and 10tds in 3 years.

    I know Bush has more tds but if Ginn is used like Bush he can make a big impact!!!
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    I'd like to see Ginn run a couple reverses and a couple fake reverses to keep defenses guessing. This forces the OLB's to stay home and not crash the off-tackle runs, it also shows the defense alignment for Henne on playaction.
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    dude 100% agree line him up in the back field motion him out to the slot or outside do bubble screens do quick WR screens do whatever to get him the ball in space.

    him running routes and getting targeted 8-10 times in not his best use.....hell line him up in the shotgun next to henne and have him run just run into the flats at worst he draws a LB or S leaving a void in the D for Henne to exploit and if Ronnie gets like 7 or 8 Ginn might be able to get 15-20 just because of his initial burst.

    I think last week was a peek to show you that touches are more important with a guy like Ginn than are catches....reverses, kick and punt returns, screens running into the flat out of he backfield just get him touches.....IMO and this may sound foolish but catches are not touches they are catches.....if you get 5 catches maybe 1 you can run after the catch and that is Ginns danger zone do what you have to to get him the ball in space just find ways to get him touches.

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