Warning for those all giddy about Richt to Miami....

Discussion in 'College Sports Forum' started by Heisenphin, Dec 2, 2015.

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    This coming from me who is both a Cane and a Dawg. Buyer beware. This is what I said to my fellow Dawg family and friends.

    Fact is the bar is set higher at Miami. At UGA you aim to win the SEC and you shoot for the playoffs. At Miami you expect to win the championship...the whole enchilada. Now granted, the ACC isn't the SEC. However, the ACC is getting more competitive and those wins are tough to come by. What above doesn't also factor in is Richt losing 9 games over that same time to unranked teams. Richt is a shiney new toy, a pretty car with lots of miles. Not sure how his wife will like leaving small town living, they expected to spend the rest of their lives in Athens. So that could be something to follow as things unfold (much like Saban's wife when he was here).

    Richt might get 9-10 wins every year while he is here. Those aren't the numbers that need to be focused on. It is who he loses to that needs to be closely followed.

    Outside of that the program as a whole, from the kids to the off the field stuff, should be a point of pride. That however doesn't win rings. Richt put the most players into the NFL in the last 15 years. Most of those players got better when they left after underperforming at UGA. He coaches up off the field but not on it.

    I just can't shake him.
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    Acc stinks but he will still lose and get outcoached like he has his whole career
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    Miami just had a coach that couldnt beat a single ranked team. We just had a coach that was scared of the dark and wanted all his games to be at noon.

    Also Miami is in the Coastal the crappiest power 5 division. 10 wins will get you to the ACCCG.

    Heck Larry Scott a Tight end coach did better then the car salesman. Think Richt can do better then Scott.
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    Living in ga and following the dawgs a little I hear ya Heisenfin. Hopefully a new start will do the trick for him. He has been a good recruiter and now he'll be in the area with the best ones to be had.
    I wanted butch but I do think we got a solid coach who will at least win a few ACC titles. We've never won one.

    He's only 55 so his best coaching might still be in front of him.

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    Guess who they are projecting Miami to play in a bowl

    TaxSlayer Bowl (1/2): Miami (FL) (ACC/Big Ten) vs. Georgia (SEC)


    If coach Scott beats his old team that would be telling
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    The bar at one time was set higher but the Canes have not broke double digit wins since 2003. Have not won a bowl game since 2006. He is definately an upgrade and him being more hands on is a good thing.
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    I think Dlockz nails it. Richt lost his job at GA because he couldn't take them to the next level. The elite, the National Title. BUT he finished in the top 10 in 8 of his 15 years. UM hasn't been ranked in the top 25 in 6 years or even relevant for that matter. You also are somewhat jaded because those losses you list above often included the eventual National Champion in Alabama and Auburn etc. He averaged 10 wins a year over 15 years and that is in the best conference in the land. UM can't get double digit wins in arguably the worst conference in the land. Richt has won and done it consistently for a long time. That is very hard to do. Trust me the are going to miss Mark Richt in GA and Miami is lucky to have the guy.

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