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    (On after quarterback, what positions he feels are most important in building a team) – “I think there are certain core positions out there that you have to have. One is cornerback, one is left tackle, pressure players, a quarterback, a No. 1 receiver, nose tackle. I think those are all important and I think those are all core positions.â€

    (On how many of those core players he feels are on the team now) -- “We don’t have a whole lot of those core positions right now, to be honest with you. We need probably all of them in every area.â€

    He didnt directly say he doesnt like Ginn as a number one reciever. I am very disappointed in the South Florida media make this non-story as one of the front stories in Miami sports.

    Ireland would be limiting himself if he said that we were set at any position, especially regarding the 32nd pick for possible trade down for a team that might want a player who could fall to us like Sweed. Quit reading into it so much. Please someone tell me why these comments hold and validity as far as who is or who isn't a number one reciever on this team.

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