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2013 nfl draft

  1. MexDolfan

    MexDolfan's 2 weeks before event - 2013 NFL Mock Draft

    I understand Mr. Ireland argued they have more love for Joeckel and Fisher than from Johnson, but GM normally send a lot of smokescreens before draft days, so I stick to well based rumors and created this mock draft for Dolphins. Round 1, Pick 6 (6) OT Lane Johnson, Oklahoma => After exchanging...
  2. utahphinsfan

    Another subjective offseason plan

    Cut ties with Jake & Sean. With the money saved, acquire 2 (possibly all) of the following; Paul Kruger, Sergio Kindle, Michael Foley Resign; Bush, Harline, Starks, & Garner. I won't throw around contract numbers or speculate on players like Wallace, Finley, etc... The draft swap 1st rounders...
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