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2016 draft

  1. Quadfather

    Is it too early for a 2016 NFL draft, Re-draft? Next year?

    How many teams are kicking themselves right now for not taking Laremy Tunsil before the dolphins took him at 13th overall? In a redraft you would have to put him at 2nd overall right? I put him at 2nd because Carson Wentz has done so well, I just don't see a Left tackle taken over a franchise...
  2. utahphinsfan

    A no fooling (4/1) mock

    rd player pos school 1 D. Lee LB Ohio St 2 Fuller CB Va Tech 3 Tretola OG Arkansas 4 Davis FS Maryland 5 Norris ILB Utah 6 ****tu DE Stanford 7a Barber RB Auburn 7b H.Vaitai OT TCU
  3. utahphinsfan

    a mock draft for leap day

    rd player pos school 1 Hargraves CB Florida 2 Ogbah DE Okla St slides inside on passing downs 3 Tretola OG Arkansas 4 Matakevich ILB Temple 5 Green RB TCU If Lamar leaves 6 McEvoy TE Wisconsin Also played S & QB 7a Nembot OT Colorado 7b Cajuste WR Stanford could play TE
  4. utahphinsfan

    Fansided mock draft

    http://fansided.com/2015/12/25/miami-dolphins-complete-7-round-mock-draft/ I really like those 1st 3 and they'd go along wat to fixing the back 7 on D & OL. As for backup QB, I'd prefer Doughty (Western KY) or Brandon Allen (Arkansas)
  5. utahphinsfan

    where the phins should upgrade

    Its mandatory to get a young pass rusher (even if Dion pulls head out), a 3rd OT who is proficient on both the left & rightsde, & playmaker at CB. It would not hurt to have a reserve OL who can play Tackle and Guard. Allow me some latitude here... They need a playing making LB to pair w/...
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