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    National Media Questioning Adam Gase?

  2. number1fin

    Adam Gase Interview With Rich Eisen - 9/26

  3. Phinfan407

    Miami Dolphins Custom Hat: Check It Out!

    Hey Phins Fans! I've had this logo for a while now and I recently decided to get it stitched on caps for fans to wear for the upcoming season. Let me know if you're interested. The plan is to print them on Black, White, and Denim (light and dark) caps over the next few weeks and ship to ppl...
  4. number1fin

    5/23 - Coach Gase Meets With The Media

  5. pacresjt

    New culture will build next Dynasty

    Adam Gase and Mr Ross are creating what I believe to be the next NFL Dynasty. Take a minute and check out all of the other AFC East media outlets and I think you will notice something that is beginning to become a Trend.... The dolphins investment in its players and its fan base. Business...
  6. number1fin

    Joseph, Rizzi, Christensen, and Gase 10/29 Press Conferences
  7. number1fin

    Head Coach Adam Gase Post Game Press Conference
  8. N

    Industrial Psychology, and Why Adam Gase Will Fail as a Head Coach

    CLARIFICATION: This thread is about what a coach says to the public. It has nothing to do with a coach's decision to bench & cut certain players. Approach A (Diplomatic): "Part of it is my fault, part of it is Tannehill's fault, part of it is the o-line. We need to work better as a team."...
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