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afc east

  1. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Miami Is Now 2 Games Up In The Division....

    Anyone know the last time we were two games up in the division?
  2. F

    Will Fins Sweep Pats?
  3. VaPhinatic

    Peter King on AFC East Nice to see that the Dolphins are getting a little respect.
  4. snake eyes

    Take on AFC East today.

    First of all let me say this, The Jets arent that good but Buffalo is that bad. I know the jets fans are going to be gloating over a great win but that offense will be figured out by other teams soon just like they did to miami. Buffalo Is Terrible and New England will own the division again...
  5. snake eyes

    The Entire AFC east has only 1 win in the preseason so far!

    Every other team in every other division has won at least one game. New england has the sole win in the AFC east this pre season. So what can we learn from this? Well probably the New England message boards arent that worried all though as much as brady has been planted on his arse there is...
  6. snake eyes

    Are prospective players afraid of the AFC east?

    If I had my choice to go to the NFC west or AFC east for the same money it's a no brainer! The NFC west has been to the playoffs most years with and 8-8 record or worse!!!! Its not the only consideration but it must factor in.
  7. TrojanFin

    Does Miami have an answer for the AFC East?

    So how are the Phins going shut down NE and their top-tier TE's? Whose footsteps are going to keep Welker awake at night? Which DL can get in Brady's head and put him on the ground? Which WR is going to challenge Revis and make his way to pay-dirt? Who is our Jets killer and which of our kick...
  8. utahphinsfan

    Phins offseason moves the won't happen

    If Henne doesn't return; odds are he doesn't sign w/ the jest or Bills Crowder coming out of retirement to play for the jest
  9. Built2Win

    What are the chances the dolphins will make the playoffs?

    Afc east looks really tough this year i think 10-6 in the afc east may not be good enough that means the dolphins can only lose 2 more games to be assured a playoff spot so do the dolphins find their mojo the rest of the year and go on a killer streak?
  10. C

    Sparano is in a win win situation, "so to speak"

    Look, I think he is in over his head and shouldnt be in the same conversation as Belecheat but after the fiasco of earlier this year of Ross botching the new coach situation Sparano can do no wrong, in his mind anyway. Most of us know hes not a good coach but he's being paid and extended to do...
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