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  1. j-off-her-doll

    2016 AFC playoff predictions: South, West appear wide open

    Vote Summary by division: AFC East Patriots 20 AFC North Steelers 16 Bengals 4 AFC South Texans 11 Jaguars 4 Titans 3 Colts 2 AFC West Chiefs 12 Raiders 6 Broncos 2 The Broncos should win the AFC West. They have the best D by a wide margin, the running game should be much...
  2. j-off-her-doll

    1st Round Grades – AFC
  3. catch22

    Ranking the AFC East teams based on 2013 off-season potential - Who will improve?

    I wanted to get a snapshot of which teams in the AFC east have the most potential to improve in the 2013 season based on cap room, draft picks, team needs that can be filled and the teams 2012 performance/coaching and carryover momentum from 2012. I compiled the data and made my own rankings...
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