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  1. number1fin

    Funny yet awkward photo session starring Tannehill, Wallace, Albert, and some fans
  2. ikkonz

    Report: Dolphins-Chiefs won't discuss Albert until they make their 1st round picks

    Per Rotoworld: Looks like we are seriously considering a trade up for a tackle. To be honest, if we can get a good deal, I'd be happier getting a young healthy guy in on the line than signing Albert for 9 mil per season.
  3. nolefin

    why our 2nd round picks are so very important this year.

    just my opinion but our first 2nd round pick is going to get us a 1st round talent, the qb class is not great but its deep with potential and i think teams will start taking chances with manuel, nassib, barkley glennon, bray and wilson in the early 2nd round so at 42 you should have a first...
  4. RocKStaR

    Haynesworth a Patriot??

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