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  1. S

    The Bucs Game is Not Unwinnable

    I'm as down on the team as anyone...I've never been convinced by Flores and it seems like everyone else is on that bandwagon right now. The offense has been garbage under Brissett and the co-offensive coordinators have worked as well as expected (not worked). And the defense has played like...
  2. F

    Brady to be suspended

    Just read on that Brady will be suspended and the announcement will come next week. Also noted that the Pats brass are preparing for a suspension in the 6-8 game range. Stay tuned!
  3. catch22

    When Brady feels pressure he "See's ghost's" in the pocket. Comp drops 26%

    Check out the article below, Yes it quotes Ryan Clark and he is a jerk but the stats that back up the his argument are worth thinking about. This article does not mention the Dolphins or our offseason but it does illustrate one of the reasons I believe we went with Dion Jordan. Combine Jordan...
  4. number1fin

    Happy Birthday Tom Brady!

    He turns 35 years OLD today. Here's hoping we see more of this... the very near future. I mean, he can't be great forever, can he?
  5. snake eyes

    Nice Phins hurt Brady!

    He missed his second practice in a row with a busted shoulder thanks to the Vicious dolphins "D"! Nice. We can affect the pats and the jets all in the same week, "From the grave" hahaha:lol2:
  6. Tunaphish429

    Tom Brady has Look what Buffalo has caused Tom Brady to do....Cut his hair!! I think Tom Brady means bussiness now...I bet he does even throw an incomplete pass the rest of the way.. Sorry Dan, Tom...
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