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branden albert

  1. miamidolphins83

    Bring Branden Albert back to play LG

    Alright...maybe left field or maybe a brilliant idea. Let's bring another guy out of "retirement." Larsen is out for most if not all of this season and we have a glaring hole a LG. We broke BAs heart sending him to the Jags. Bring him back if he agrees to play LG next to Tunsil at LT. Would be...
  2. Fin_Frenzy_84

    The reason I like the Albert signing

    Yes he has been banged up at times but missing 11 games in 6 seasons is not all that bad at all. We needed someone dominant in pass protection (Tannehill sacked 58 times) and Albert was the best option and in order to get him we had to pay. Yes we did overpay but I am fine with that because a...
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