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  1. CMD

    Vic Fangio Defensive Breakdown: Diving Into the Go-To Calls in Passing Situations

    Cover 8 (Half-Quarter-Quarter) Cover 8 is a split field concept, with cover 2 to the passing strength and a variation of quarters to the backside. This is often a trips check for Fangio along with Cover 6, and both are interchanged throughout the course of each game and selected...
  2. Kdawg954

    Post Preseason Game #2: Stock Report

    Here is a basic 5 guys whose stock is up, and 5 guys whose stock is down report: Stock Up: Chad Henne - He wasn't all world, but he was solid. Second game in a row he was showing his new found athleticism in the pocket. Looks more in command, looks more confident. He is going to have to...
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